Welcome to Liminus.


Welcome to Liminus, a visioning workshop and festival dedicated to the development of an interdisciplinary retreat, conference, and workshop facility in Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site in Western Newfoundland. For some time now, Gros Morne has been blossoming as a destination not only for spectacular encounters with nature, but with those of culture as well. Dance, literature, drama, visual arts, and music thrive alongside the unique and resilient identity of Newfoundland’s rural outports.

Liminus is the first step in envisioning a retreat, research, and development facility dedicated to the integration of arts, health, sustainability, technology, and the natural world. We foresee hosting everything from individual retreats and workshops, to programming designed to blur disciplinary boundaries and confront seemingly intractable dilemmas from fresh and diverse perspectives. If the world ain’t what it used to be, our ways of thinking about it all too often are, and the undesired consequences of this are showing up everywhere. What might a facility and its programming look like once explicitly engaged with fostering new ways of imagining ourselves and our worlds?

The underlying spirit of this project is that of regeneration, first between built and natural environments, where the facilities actually contribute to the integrity of the surrounding environment; second, as it applies to issues of health, sustainability, technology, culture, and the non-human. Contrary to often defeatist narratives that suggest the world might be better off without us, we seek stories that involve humanity as indispensable to the advent of the good common world. Come join us in a place of challenge and celebration, optimism and hard questions, a place that invites us to leave old ways of thinking behind, and embrace possibility and promise. A place to find new metaphors, new friends, and new enthusiasm for the work that lies ahead.






David Maggs,
PhD, Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC
Artistic Director, Gros Morne Summer Music